About Us

We are a student-led effort to cultivate pathways for members of Olin's community. We provide opportunities where you can engage with the social impact of technology while developing engineering skills. Our mission is to empower each other to make an impact on doing good in the world.

Our Origin

Public Interest Technology at Olin (PInT @ Olin) was founded in 2019 when 4 Olin students, along with Professor Erhardt Graeff, wanted a way for the Olin community to be able to apply their technical skills to address public issues and make the world a more socially just place.

Through funding from the Public Interest Technology University Network (PIT-UN), we have been able to introduce PIT to the Olin community in a variety of ways.

Our Mission

PInT creates space for all members of the Olin community to engage with and grow their skills in public interest tech, social justice, and activism.

We offer opportunities for students to engage in reflection, to develop various skills, and to work on practical opportunities focused on making an impact by leveraging Olin’s "do-learn" philosophy.

We hope that these activities, and the space and culture we cultivate around them, will help students grow their identity as public interest technologists and feel both a responsibility and ability to create the change they want to see.

We are PInT!

PInT is the student-run public interest technology (PIT) organization at Olin College of Engineering